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Video Games Voice Reel


by Pirita Studios

Playing Carlata, Frida, and Ra.

Days Lost

by Word Play

Playing lead Natalia

AdventureX 2018- Sally Beaumont: Directing Voice Actors

The Chronicles of Bruno

Playing The Enchantress and The Apothecary


by Glitch Games

I play one of the inmates and the sinister AI in this dystopian puzzle-adventure.

Tea For Two: A Detective Logan Mystery

Old Skies

As well as being the voice acting Mod for Adventure Jam 2019, I also lent my voice to a 3D jam game: Old Skies.

It’s the story of time-traveler Fia, sent back to retrieve a missing fellow agent and preserve the timestream.

The twist, revealed after the Jam, was that it was made by none other than Dave Gilbert, of Wadjet Eye. 

I’m the voice of Fia, and had a terrific time working with Dave’s writing- there’s humour, drama, tough choices and an ending that leaves the door open for more in the future…or the past.

 Old Skies was featured in PC Gamer:   “the voice acting, which is one of the short’s strong points, was provided by professional voice actors volunteering at the game jam”

EGX Rezzed 2019- Telling Stories Through Voice Acting

At this year’s Rezzed Sessions I was on a panel discussing how voice acting helps tell stories and build characters on 5th April 2019.

The other panellists are Jamie Zubairi, Samantha Beart and Amelia Tyler and our chair is Dave Gilbert.

Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death

London, 1888. With Whitechapel?s citizens living in the shadow of Jack the Ripper, Arthurian legends take to the streets in a thrilling quest to stop the killer before he strikes again.

Take on the roles of immortal hero Sir Lancelot Du Lac, and cursed sorceress Morgana Le Fey, as you join forces with Whitechapel local, Mary Kelly, to explore the capital?s underbelly and encounter a diverse cast of characters along the way.

I play several animals and humans in this wonderful game- available on Steam now!

Lord Winklebottom Investigates

Lord Winklebottom Investigates: The Case of the Expired Axolotl is a point and click narrative adventure game, set in an alternative 1920s populated entirely by animals.

Inspired by Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes, the game is a classic, uniquely British, murder mystery!

I play Beryl the maid, (who’s also a goat) at the start of the trailer.

Coming April 2020 on Steam 

Guard Duty

Guard Duty is a fresh take on the graphic adventure genre from Sick Chicken Studios, a unique comedy adventure about love, loss and the end of the world. Experience a story spanning across two radically different time periods, be it the cobbled streets of Wrinklewood or the future dystopia of Neo London, happily ever after has never felt like such a fantasy.

Launched May 2nd 2019!

Heaven’s Vault

Inkle brought me in to voice the demo level of the beautiful (and beautifully scored) Heaven’s Vault. I was so proud that my voice appeared at GDC, PaxEast and Rezzed 2018!

I was also the casting director on the full game, and found our real Aliya, Gem Carmella, who’s done a beautiful job of bringing the character to life.

Available on Steam here!

Jon Ingold’s talk, starting with my first scene

An audience video of my favourite part- responding to audience selected options!

Adventure Jam 2018

Aye Fair Lady

A musical episode of Yorkshire Gubbins– 6 songs and a 25 minute game all made within a fortnight!

I play a somewhat eccentric puppeteer and my song has a rather naughty double meaning she isn’t aware of!

Public rating:

Overall 1, Characters 1, Dialogue 1 and Voice Acting 1!

“And who does not burst into tears when a puppeteer teacher sings about the fascination of her passion, ? Well, actually you are right. All in all a terrific game!” Game Jam Curator

Dialogue clip

Song: “There’s A Magic Inside Of Me”- CW, Naughty lyrics!


Dave at Powerhoof really challenged me to create a character that was unnerving- his vocal reference was a combination of “sing-song” and a video of a wolf howling!

Anna is part of a small aeroplane crew who’ve crashed on a remote island, become drunk on mysterious berries and become cannibals.

The whole game is incredibly stylish and I’m so pleased my character has had such a strong reaction from reviewers!

Public rating:

Overall 2, Voice acting 2!

“The best part of the game is the overwrought voice-over?yep, here’s a jam game that’s fully voiced, and that’s voiced rather adeptly, as well.” PC Gamer

“But all this is completed only when Ian meets Anna, spoken by the magnificent Sally Beaumont.

Her fantastic voice-play, somewhere between childish naivety and sinister witchcraft, is an ingenious counterbalance to Ian?s personality. Anna does not care about her situation on the island, but she seems to enjoy it in a perfidious way. The interplay of these two vocal talents unfolds a gripping adventure experience that you do not want to let go so quickly for sure. ” Game Jam Curator

Content warning: cannibalism, cartoon gore

 AdventureX 2017

I was thrilled to be invited onto  “The Art Of Game Acting” panel at this year’s Adventure Expo, along with  Doug Cockle (The Witcher), Samantha B?art (Age of Wonders III), Rolf Saxon (Broken Sword), and chaired by Dave Gilbert. I’ve been a lifelong fan of Rolf’s and we had a terrific time talking about our weird, wonderful job!

Here’s a video of the panel from Adventure Treff (I’m on the right).  


Bertram Fiddle

A terribly gruesome tale in the finest tradition of point and click adventure games!

I absolutely loved playing Episode 1 of Bertram Fiddle, so was delighted to be asked to play 7 characters in Episode 2 Bertram Fiddle: A Bleaker Predicklement. I play a variety of Victorian comic characters, including cockney street vendors, an aristocrat locked in an attic, a flirtatious baker and a sinister old lady.

“Sally was great to work with, responding brilliantly to direction. She provided us with several very strong and unique characters. Her consistency and ability to stay in character is also something which impressed me – especially as the voices I required were very exaggerated mad old crones.”  Seb Burnett, Writer/Designer of Bertram Fiddle, Rumpus Animation

It was a very creative day of recording at Red Panda in Bristol with Matthew Walker and I’m looking forward to hearing which of my ad-libs made it into the game!

Available on Steam and the App Store!

“the real selling point is the je ne sais quoi that springs forth from the modern big-nosed caricatures and stellar characterisation and voice acting”

Katrina Filippidis, Gameranx

the British speakers with their upscale London dialect are gorgeous and make with their dry conversations, at least a smile, and occasionally for laughter.” GameContrast 70/100

Everything is voice acted so, although the game does allow you to skip dialogue if you?re a fast reader, I highly recommend taking your time and listening to all the characters do their thing.” App Unwrapper

 “The humour and voice acting coupled with great graphics makes this a really enjoyable play.

The quirky voices and music fit the game perfectly”

This is a fun point and click adventure with great humour, voice acting, and puzzles that won’t keep you from progressing.” App Army for Pocket Gamer

The game has also been shortlisted for The Big Indie Awards!

A montage of some of the voices I supply in Bertram Fiddle 2: A Bleaker Predicklement

Drone Swarm

Drone Swarm is a story-driven SciFi RTS game for PC developed by StillAlive studios.

I play Kaylee (with the green hair on the left of the cutscenes), head of the Military in the Drone Swarm universe. I was hired specifically for my authentic British sarcasm and had a fantastic time arguing with Erika Sanderson. We’d worked together on a film and she recommended me to Swiss company Still Alive.

Written by Aaron de Orive, it’s a game driven by the conflict between military and religious factions- with two leading women and a predominantly female cast. 

“It?s been a great experience working with Sally over a remote Skype video call and working through the script and it shows: there?s nothing to be afraid of if one doesn?t have a huge studio. We?re super happy with Sally?s performance of a sarcastic military officer, it has been great fun to working with her, and it shows in the final recordings we?ve received.”  Chris Polus, Sound Designer Chromonaut/Still Alive

Project Aftermath

Project Aftermath is an Arcade RTS game where you command up to four squads of soldiers in exciting battles in a retro-futuristic world.

I play your guide in the retro-futuristic battle game, Theora- she’s sardonic and isn’t shy about telling you where you went wrong. 

Project Aftermath is an incredible achievement for Games Faction‘s team of two people, and I was so pleased to be part of its success- it’s also littered with British references like the New Order and even a Captain Manwaring! Just… don’t panic.

It was the only non-US game to win a coveted spot on the PAX 10 and won the Best Indie Title from Game Focus. The reviews for the voices were fantastic, too:

“Sound/Music: 10/10
The voice acting for this game is jaw-dropping. I simply could not believe the quality I was hearing. In fact after watching the first comic-strip story sequence and then hearing the voice work (and the sheer amount of voice work) I immediately went online to double check the size of the development team. The music, sound fx, and voice work is absolutely top-notch and is better than some fully priced console games out there.” The Indie Game Magazine

the voice acting is superb Just Press Play

“The voice-acting is also spot on, with every character featuring a considerably lengthy amount of dialogue. At times the voice acting is so professional, that you forget that the game was made by such a small team of people.” Middle East Gamers

the voice over work is some of the best we have heard in an indie title ” Game Focus

Altea Aerospace

The XR5 Vanguard, DeltaGlider-XR1, and XR2 Ravenstar are cutting-edge, high-performance spacecraft for the Orbiter Space Flight Simulator

I’m the voice of the XR1-5 Fleet of space craft in this Oribiter flight-sim

The vocal reference was Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey and I really enjoyed delivering news such as “Oxygen levels falling” in a flat yet knowing voice.

“Sally did a great job on the voiceovers for my new ship. She is easy to work with and her work is top-notch!”
 Douglas Beachy, Altea Aerospace  

Buzz!:The Schools Quiz

An educational game based on Relentless‘s popular Buzz series

I recorded over 5000 questions for this game and as a fan of trivia I loved every second! Aimed at Key Stage 2 (7-11 year olds) and and supported by the Department for Education and Schools, this game romps through History, English Language and Literature, Geography, Maths, French, Spanish and Science in a fast-paced multiple choice game.

Starring Jason Donovan as the eponymous Buzz the game was a hit with schoolchildren. The Sunday Times gave it 5 stars, The Guardian 4/5 and the game was nominated for a BAFTA in the Primary Learning category!