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TV and Film Acting Showreel 2019

Featuring clips of Four Past Sanity, Emojis in Real Life, Who Am I, and Radiance along with commercials for Halfords and PCWorld.

For more films, photos and more about each project, please scroll down!

Meet Alice Johnson, News Anchor

Introducing Alice Johnson, news editor and news anchor for South UK TV Oxford. The pilot and our Kickstarter comes out TOMORROW!#Mockumentary #Pilot #Crowdfunding #Kickstarter

Posted by In Other News Mockumentary on Thursday, 2 November 2017


In Other News

I return as Alice Johnson, newsreader, in the full series of Mockumentary “In Other News”, which follows the troubles of a local news station. 




After doing the short film festival rounds, Radiance is now available on Vimeo.

Director Joe Peecock and I worked together on “Appendix 2.0” for the Sci Fi 48hr Film Challenge. He pitched it to me as a sci fi Thelma & Louise and I couldn’t resist!

The role involved green screen, FX suits and driving around rural Oxfordshire in a yellow Hazmat suit, goggles and mask- as well as rescuing my co-star Clare from an exploding building- If you want to jump to my favourite scene, it starts at 6.52!

Emojis in Real Life ScreenshotEmojis in Real Life Screenshot

 Emojis in Real Life

Emojis in Real Life”Emojis in Real Life” was recorded by Oxford University Press/Oxford English Dictionaries to launch their Word of the Year 2015, which wasn’t a word after all- it was an emoji!

A light-hearted comedy about a man who expresses his emotions with life-size emojis- my quirky paramour is played by Liam Nooney

You can watch the whole film here.

Halfords TV CommercialHalfords- Get on Your Bike



This is the full-length TV commercial (a cut-down of just me is available here)

I appear at about 0:10 leading the Yummy Mummies tribe!

An incredibly tough day on set, cycling uphill on town bikes at the Olympic Box Hill track. My hard work won out though, my grim determination and facial expressions meant I was bumped up to a featured cast member!

Shot by the marvelous Gary Freedman at The Glue Society, this is a lovely witty spin on the kinds of bike riders out there with an emphasis on human interaction (and competition!). He even let me ride on the dolly when I got tired…

PCWorld Chebacca commercial


PC World Chewbacca Gets a Makeover

As co-stars go, Chewbacca isn’t very chatty, but he does know how to work that lens!

PCWorld shot a series of comic commercials based around Star Wars characters visiting branches to buy everyday items.

A super fun shoot selling a hairdryer to a Wookie.



Who Am I? - Sally Beaumont Who Am I?- Sally Beaumont


Who Am I

“Who Am I” was Guy Hawkins 11th film in a challenge to make 12 films in one year. It was inspired by horror video games such as Silent Hill and the abandoned buildings we shot in. It was tremendously eery to perform in that setting, especially with a wasps’ nest in one part of the house!

My co-star is Ruth Curtis, here’s a few nice things Guy said about us in his blog:

“Ruth and Sally did something I didn’t think would be possible, they took the script and figured out a way to make it work. The script was intentionally very vague and mysterious, they were putting a fair amount of faith in me that it would come out good in the end. Yet the fact that they thought about how it might work and for each of them to come with their own ideas and ways or portraying certain things was so incredibly helpful. Yet another example of getting the right people for the right job. “

All 12 films were premiered at the Ultimate Picture Palace




A Certain Style

Guy also interviewed me for his podcast, A Certain Style, and we talked about my background in Shakespeare and stand up comedy, along with my acting process and what working together on the film was like.

Dead ThirstyDead Thirsty





Dead Thirsty


Written by my undead costars Bret Jones (of Old Men Grooving fame) and Anthony Cozens, it’s a comedy film about what happens when old actors don’t die.

Here’s a couple of my favourite scenes- I play a cub reporter sent to interview a vampire (and a zombie) who can’t really hold their drink but are awfully peckish…


Aviva Graduate Recruitment Website


Aviva asked me to present this cute script for their Graduate Recruitment site along with a voice over for an interactive game for recruits. It plays automatically on their website, and if you watch me type long enough I’ll nag/encourage you to enter the main website to play the game!

Golden Fire Golden Fire


Golden Fire

Golden Fire was ASL Productions entry into the 48hr Sci Fi challenge.

In it, I used my experience as a whiteface clown to transform into a possessed doll who stalks an abandoned theatre seeking new prey.

This short scene also uses my stage acting experience- she lures the other characters down to the stage with her nonsensical declamations!