Radio, online and?TV commercials for Asda, American Express, the ITUC and?Blackberry- fresh, bright, informative and friendly reads.
Documentary, presenting and corporate voice overs recorded at The Showreel

Character voices: crones, children, evil queens,?damsels in distress, feisty soldiers and comedy?villagers along with a selection of Artificial Intelligence voices.

Scroll down for videos of: Explainer videos, Animations, Corporate Videos and Computer games…

?Explainer Videos

Decisions for Life- The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) supported International Women’s Day with this campaign

Glopho- a bright, cheerful voice over for a photography social network

Blackberry UK- a fresh, fun voice over for several Blackberry Apps

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)-?a series of seven videos based around the Bridging Gaps report

A laidback, humorous voice over for a great video by?IR Visual Works, for?Helsingin Rakennusvirasto


A quirky, low key read for a conversation app

A high energy voice over for a social media product

Professional and aspirational voice for The Real Apprenticeship Company


Bupi Bupi- I play several children in this originally Spanish animation. Here I’m the American girl, the boy in the wheelchair and the football fan!

Other animations include Three’s Company and twelve animal characters for Hip Hip & Hurra!

Bupi Bupi- more children’s voices for this episode! I’m the lead, “Pretty Conchin” here.


Sales Lead Maximiser- a bright, chatty read for a large number of corporate videos

Rosetta Stone- corporate narration for their Thought Leadership Symposium video

OnGreen- a gentle, aspirational corporate read

General Electric Foundation- Developing Health Globally. A serious, sensitive read for a maternal care project in sub Saharan Africa.

SkrillPay- a light-hearted,? informative voice over for this banking service

European Agency for Safety and?Health at Work- bright and informative

Computer Games


Gameplay footage of Drone Swarm by Still Alive

A Space Sci Fi Strategy game- I play Keeley.

Cut scene from Drone Swarm- I’m on the left, with the green hair!


In game footage of XR2 Orbiter Flight Sim- a “Hal” voice for Altea Aerospace

Other games:

  • 8 casual games and Burn for Teyon Games?
  • Buzz!: The Schools Quiz- the educational version of the smash-hit series of games for Sony Playstation.

I recorded ?5000 questions for this BAFTA nominated game?for? Relentless Software, starring alongside Jason Donovan

Project Aftermath- PAX 10 finalist. I play Theora, battle co-ordinator.

“Sound/Music: 10/10
The voice acting for this game is jaw-dropping. I simply could not believe the quality I was hearing. In fact after watching the first comic-strip story sequence and then hearing the voice work (and the sheer amount of voice work) I immediately went online to double check the size of the development team. The music, sound fx, and voice work is absolutely top-notch and is better than some fully priced console games out there.” The Indie Game Magazine

“the voice acting is superb” Just Press Play

“The voice-acting is also spot on, with every character featuring a considerably lengthy amount of dialogue. At times the voice acting is so professional, that you forget that the game was made by such a small team of people.” Middle East Gamers
“the voice over work is some of the best we have heard in an indie title ” Game Focus