AdventureX 2018

I am delighted to be a speaker at this year’s AdventureX with “Directing Voice Actors” on Saturday 10th November at at 11.15am

Here’s what to expect: 

Voice acting adds a whole new level of emotion and storytelling to your game- but it can also add a whole new level of stress, too!

Working with voice actors, especially for the first time, can feel very different from other disciplines in game development, and I?d like to help make it easier, more productive and above all fun!

We?re going to walk through a recording session, from script preparation and character profiles to performance direction and what to expect from a professional voice actor on the day. Whether you?re recording remotely or in the same room, I?ll help you hit the ground running and find the right language to get your ideas across. I?ll also let you in on what helps us really get to the character (and what doesn?t!) and a few cheeky hacks for small NPC voices.

Together we?re going to find the fun in this collaborative, creative process and give you the confidence to direct like a pro!

It’ll be available to watch on Twitch here and also on YouTube afterwards.

I’ll also be doing some sight-reading with Jon Ingold for his talk: “Sparkling Dialogue: a masterclass on implementing conversations that are dynamic, contextual and full of moments of connection.” 

For a taste of my talk here’s last year’s panel on The Art of Voice acting, which I was on with Samantha Beart, Doug Cockle, Rolf Saxon and chaired by Dave Gilbert:

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