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I’m a character actress with over ten years professional acting experience.

I trained at The University of Exeter and have a BA in Drama- my specialisms were 17th Century Theatre, Site Specific Performance,  Playwriting and Technical Theatre Production.

I’ve played a drug addict and an aristocrat on the BBC, The Devil, an autistic teenager and a female Hamlet on stage as well as several doctors, nurses and action heroes in short films.

I trained in Commedia dell’Arte at John Rudlin’s French performers commune Selavy so have a strong background in both improvisation and slapstick. You’ll see an example of whiteface clowning in the slideshow- we used this to create a doll-monster for a film.

I also trained in stand up comedy with The University of Kent’s Dr Oliver Double.

To see my filmed performances visit this page and to see more photos go here

You can also listen to my podcast interview with A Certain Style – We discuss my work training Police Officers, my path into studying Drama, how I create characters and what it’s like filming with me.

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